Technical Notes

24 September 2022

Updated October 11, 2022


A CID or content identifier is used by IPFS, to point a file. CID's are based on cryptographic hashes of files, see the documentation.

Calculate CID

To calculate CID's of local files install IPFS. On Mac you can use brew to install. To only calculate a CID of a file, without exposing the file to the IPFS network use:

ipfs add filename --only-hash


Proofivy is deployed on Polygon. We advice using Metamask together with a hardware wallet like Ledger.

Proofivy smart contract

All commited CID's and messages are stored on the blockchain and can be called by other smart contracts. Every CID and message commit also emits and event.

Address and source code

Proofivy address (on Polygon): 0xCc26e45546DCb8D747C2bB69e348F0515EF3eFc5

Source code and ABI are available on polygonscan and GitHub. There is also a Jupyter notebook with a few Python scripts for getting Proofivy data from the blockchain.