Submit Page

13 September 2021

Updated September 12, 2022

This post relates to the first Rinkeby test version of Proofivy, released September 13, 2021.

The submit page is a proof of concept for Proofivy. You can write any text, calculate an IPFS CID and submit it to Rinkeby Ethereum testnet. A commit costs 0.001 ETH (Rinkeby) and gas fees.

Commits are added to Rinkeby at a certain block. Later you can reveal your text, let anyone calculate it's CID, and proof that you committed the corresponding CID by pointing to the immutable blockchain.

Web3 wallet

To use the submit page you need an Ethereum wallet like Metamask and have some Rinkeby Ether.

Fetching Committed CID's

To fetch committed CID's, read the events of Proofivy's deployed smart contract. Check out this post for a Python example.