Optimism Release

Proofivy has been deployed on Optimism. Check out the smart contract here.
Calldata of Optimism transactions is stored on Ethereum. Proofivy's calldata contains the hash or message that is being committed, so all relevant data ends up on Ethereum. This means that data committed to Proofivy is now secured by Ethereum, the most secure and decentralized smart contract platform currently in existence, providing our users with the best availabe tools.
Our Proofivy web app and iPhone app now use Optimism.

EIP-4844 and beyond

EIP-4844 is an Ethereum proposal that will provide the network with cheaper space that is not persistent but will be stored for weeks. For L2's this might mean that calldata will not be persisted. Currently calldata persistence is standard practice. We will look into implementations of different protocols, and update Proofivy accordingly to make sure that commits are stored securely. We are also looking into posting data on other blockchains like Bitcoin.