Proofivy V2

21 February 2024

Introducing Proofivy V2

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IP lock

20 November 2023

Introducing IP lock, our dedicated pharma and research offering

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Optimism Release

28 June 2023

Proofivy has been deployed on Optimism

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Content Authenticity Initiative

19 June 2023

Proofivy has become a member of the Content Authenticity Initiative

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iPhone App

20 March 2023

The firs version of our iPhone app has been released

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iPhone App Privacy Policy

14 March 2023

We do not collect any data

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21 October 2022

Use Proofivy on your iPhone or with our web3 app on Optimism

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Lab for Germinal Center Biology

13 October 2022

We are proud to announce the first users of Proofivy, the Lab for Germinal Center Biology

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Members Area

25 September 2022

The member area is for onboarded organizations

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Public Page

25 September 2022

The public version of Proofivy can be used by anyone

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Technical Notes

24 September 2022

A CID or content identifier is used by IPFS

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Official Release

12 September 2022

We are extremely happy to announce the first official release of Proofivy

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Internet ledger of truth

14 September 2021

Proofivy's mission is to increase trust in science, journalism and humanity

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